PET Strap

PET Strap

PET STRAP (Polyethylene Terephthalate Strap)

  • Safe and logical alternative strap to replace steel strapping.
  • Used for Medium to Heavy duty Applications.
  • Can Withstand temperature upto 75 degree celsius without losing its characteristics.

PET Strap is classified into two types based on its strapping surface.

  • Plain
  • Embossed

Plain PET Strap

  • The Strapping surface is plain
  • Ideal for medium to heavy duty application
  • Suitable for coir bailing applications.

Embossed PET Strap

  • The Strapping Surface is textured
  • Ideal for Light to Medium duty application
  • Suitable for all types of friction welding tools.

How to join both the ends of PET and PP Strap

  1. Manual Strapping – Metal Seal with Manual Strapping tool is used to join both the ends (Attach Manual Sealed Picture).
  2. Friction Welding with Pneumatic Sealing Tool – Meant for baling application. Using the concept of friction welding, both the ends of the PET Strap is welded together. Compressed air at 6 bar pressure is mandatory to operate the pneumatic strapping tool.
  3. Friction Welding with Pneumatic Sealing Cum Tensioning Tool – Meant for fixed work station application.
  4. Friction Welding with Battery Powered Strapping Tool – Ideal for products which are heavy and not movable. Can be operated inside the container. The tool operates with battery power.


Width12 to 19mm
Thickness0.5 to 1.27mm
Break Load 2300 to 9245 N
Coil DimensionsID 400mm
Coil Weight20 to 25Kgs
Colour (Popular)Green
TypesPlain, Embossed, Manual, Machine Grade, Printed, Plain, Colored, Pre-Cut

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