Mr.Raj Samurai


Expert Value Pack LLP stands for innovative and competitive packaging solutions. The quality of our products is the first of our commitment. Our Core Values are Customer Focus, Commitments, Team Work and trust, this is what drives us to excel.

Ashan D’Souza

Advisory Board

Am in the advisory team of Expert Value Pack LLP, to make sure the organisation is strict with its philosophy, ensuring clients get right services, plan and attention, according to the company’s unique needs. Am passionately giving my wisdom, for client management and strategic planning.


Chartered Financial Advisor

With my wide knowledge and experience in accounting and auditing issues, am enthusiastically with EVP. Am doing detailed taxation and financial reviews, internal and external audits.

Mr. J. Jayaprakash

Admin Manager

Am working behind the scenes of all teams to make the business in place. Probably, am the nosiest person in the office to make all teams on toes.


Sales Coordinator

Am the gentle soul of sales co-ordinator. Though I always smile, I ensure that our customer receive their orders on time. We believe in giving great customer service, so if you have any order problems, am the trouble shooter.

Mr.Vishal Venugopal

Inventory Executive

Am the supply chain scientist. I have the full understanding of what customers need and what is in our work place when the client make an enquiry. Am the perfect balance between the sales team and the quality team.

Mr.Nanda Kumar

Quality Control

I manage our FAST PACED warehouse logistics and wonderful characters that come along with it. When it comes to quality and quantity checking, no-one can dodge me as am responsible for that.


Sales Support Executive

Am the right hand of operation manager and make my service as fantastic as am.


No Masterpiece has been created without a great labour

Creators are the ASSET of our company

The surprise is not that we do this work, but we are happy to do it.