Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

PW-CAT Series evolved from our most durable and robust strapping machine PW-0860AC and upgraded to equip with up-to-date strapping control for operators. This machine offers superb userfriendly, robust, and reliable performances.


  • Stainless Steel Frame (SUS 304)
  • Higher tension range for 8, 9 mm strap widths (up to 43kg)
  • Other choices of table-top styles: ball tabletop rollers

Strapping Head

  • Heating Element : Heater plate is made in Stainless steel, it is suitable for PP and PET strap use. It requires less initial heating time than traditional heater plate.
  • Strap Chute : Reinforced structure at 6 most frequently contacted points during strap feeding and reversing, to ensure longer lasting operation, and saving your time and money.

Main Features

  • Automatic Strap Threading : Automatic strap threading system improves productivity and coil change from waist height is easier and faster than PW-0860AC
  • Electromagnetic Dispenser Brake : Different to the belt brake design, it doesn’t require mechanical adjustment for the release of the brake during strap dispenser feeding.
  • Aluminum Strap Arch : Reduce turn over strap, or tilted band position. 2 times lighter than Steel arch, for easy handling and assembling. Modular design for quick height extension and replacement.

Control Features

  • Strap Loop Eject : Any miss-strapping, the strap loop will be ejected out of the strapping head to avoid strap jam inside.
  • End of Strap Coil : When strap coil is close to empty, strapping head continues to utilize the straps in the dispenser until it is finished. When the last bit of strap is less than the total arch’s length, then strap chute opens automatically for the operator to proceed removing the last bit of strap.
  • Strap Tension : Easy to adjust to various strapping tension by turning the knob on the panel.
  • Strap – Refeed : Strap in position detection in case for any short-feed, the machine will automatically re-feed twice.


Power Supply3Ø : 220V / 380V / 415V / 440V, 50/60Hz
Strapping HeadStandard
PP band width 9,12,15,19 (mm)
Welding MethodHeat Sealing
Tension RangeUp to 70 (kg)
Working Height820 (mm)
Max load weight 30 (kg)
Package Size Range (mm) Min. W 100 X H 30
Max. W 650 X H 500


Strapping Speed28 cycles/min
Arch Size (mm)W 850 x H 600


Strapping Speed26 cycles/min
Arch Size (mm)W 1050 x H 600


Strapping Speed24 cycles/min
Arch Size (mm)W 1250 x H 600

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